What type of Distressed Debt and Assets do we buy?

  • As brokers, of sub and non-performing commercial debt/mortgages and distressed assets, UAT Group puts you in contact with buyers of non-performing debt and assets in litigation, foreclosures and bankruptcy.
  • We don’t shy away from environmentally impacted properties or equities.
  • We are international traders.

Why should you sell your Distressed Assets to us?

  • We have been buying non-performing and distressed shares since 2004, UAT Group is a privately held non-bank, non-regulated company that offers you tremendous flexibility.
  • We are brokers for your portfolio of Distressed Debt and Assets, this means we can work for you to help get the best price for your stock.
  • We provide quick answers, pricing and advice. You’ll know quickly if we like the deal, and, when we do, we move fast.
  • We have direct contact with the buyers, allowing swift trades and minimum hassle.

Shares Assessment

Our shares valuation services and expert advice help our global clientele with a deep understanding portfolio, equities, private-company and derivatives valuation experience, as well as our strong relationships with regulators and auditors.

Shares Management

UAT Group’s discretionary portfolio management services places day-to-day investment decisions in the hands of our team of professional portfolio managers. With a suite of discretionary portfolios tailored across a range of client risk profiles, we actively manage the portfolios to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Wealth Management

We are a recognized financial advisory leader with close attention to the markets and our clients requirements. They rely on our objectivity and analytical expertise. As an international firm with offices in Asia, the new global growth engine, we advise clients worldwide. Our trusted team of valuation experts, with real-world management and consulting backgrounds, provides the kind of advice that materially advances your vision.

Non-liquid Valuation

With broad experience in investing in, underwriting, structuring, securitizing, and trading structured credit instruments, UAT Group uses thorough analysis and powerful modelling techniques combined with robust market data that provides our clients with unparalleled valuation analyses.