Analyst, Distressed Assets

We buy non-performing and distressed shares since 2004, UAT Group situated in Malaysia is a privately held non-bank, non-regulated company that offers you tremendous flexibility. Our shares valuation services and expert advice help our global clientele. We provide advice to our clients with a deep understanding portfolio, equities, private-company and derivatives valuation experience, as well as our strong relationships with regulators and auditors.

A distressed assets analyst is in charge of evaluating and identifying trends in the Malaysian and global financial markets. You should be able to recommend actions to the management for reliable financial resolutions. As well as, you should be capable of interpreting data and making comparative analyses.


  • Expected to hold a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, statistics, economics, business administration or another related field.
  • Exceptional analytical skills for business decision making.
  • Adaptable communication to deliver comparative analyses.