While the market conditions present inherent challenges, they also present a clear opportunity for buyers in a position to leverage market conditions and maximize returns. You ideally want the integrated experience of transactional, finance, restructuring, tax, and regulatory specialists.
UAT Group gives you that expertise with a clear understanding of the restructuring and insolvency process.

UAT Group has helped a range of clients manage the dislocations in the marketplace—hedge funds, private equity funds and strategic investors, as well as banks and financial institutions. This includes experience across asset class, sector and geography, and acquisitions of distressed debt and equity.

By partnering with us, you get years of experience across restructuring and asset purchase and parallel knowledge around industry trends, valuations, and regulatory and business concerns. And we don’t only react to your challenges, we work with you to anticipate and provide a rapid response to opportunities, mitigating risk and optimizing the returns on your investments.

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  • I never thought I'd get rid of underperforming assets. Little did I know that someone would still want them. I was able to divest and make a small profit, thanks to UAT Group!

    Louise C. - Hong Kong
  • UAT Group helped me recover 80% of my original investment. Happy client, indeed.

    Joshua P. - Indonesia
  • I didn't believe I would be able to sell off my distressed assets, at first. But UAT Group's transparent policies made me confident I would recover my investment, and then some.

    Cheryl V. - New Zealand
  • Dominic Denman was knowledgeable, competent and reliable. He realized a small profit on a stock that I had long since ‘given up’ on.

    Peter T. - Beijing
  • Good reliable service. No hidden agenda, fast transaction. Recommend.

    Stefan V. - Geneva
  • UAT Group contacted me out of the blue about some shares that I had bought a while ago. I was unable to sell them each time I tried before. They had a buyer in place and with a matter of weeks the funds where paid to my account. It was all very easy, and no upfront charges.

    Victor L. - Brussels
  • Thanks to Derek, you managed to negotiate a good deal for me. Happy them shares at last.

    Isaac O. - London.
  • Rarely do I deal with a company at a distance. However I found UAT Group to be decent and honorable – monies paid directly with minimum effort on my behalf.

    Russell J. - London
  • Good Work! This was a bit of stinker of a stock that was already delisted. UAT found a buyer, a good price and processed the trade within about 2 weeks!

    James M. - Glasgow
  • Nice company to deal with, Nick Jones helped me with needful documents.

    Kenji N. - Mauritius

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